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ProDyn Projects

ProDyn has been fortunate to be involved in many projects, supporting both UK and international business in all stages of their lifecycle.

Interim COO (2021 - 2022)

ProDyn were engaged by a leading UK technology consulting company to provide interim COO services.

  • Introduced formal, structured business governance

  • Supported accelerated recruitment of senior consultants & programme directors

  • Facilitation of strategic planning and operating model development

  • Direct engagement with key clients and support of the business development process

  • Direct and indirect coaching of the senior team and critical friend to the CEO

Business Consultant | Programme Director (2022)

Setting up any business from scratch, especially in a niche business sector, requires in depth knowledge of the industry and an entrepreneurial approach to getting things done. ProDyn were engaged to research, advise and ultimately set up a content delivery business in mainland europe.

  • Build outline business model

  • Research and contract with appropriate ISP partners

  • Engage key business partners in region

  • Launch business & transition to production services

  • Handover to steady state management & support

Operations & Delivery Consultant (2022)

The delivery model for a Vancouver based start up was not scalable as the customer base grew and demand for the products increased. The ability to scale as a business is challenging when the resources are focused on growth, revenue and demonstrating value.

ProDyn were engaged to design a delivery model that was scalable across multiple dimensions and enabled the business to commit with confidence to a major contract with a global streaming provider.

  • Collaborate with the business leaders and agree the success criteria

  • Design a delivery model that detailed not just the 'what' but also the 'how'

  • Build a resource model and a recruitment / onboarding process

  • Outline key integration points with existing business processes

  • Hire, onboard and orient key leaders for the new model

Interim VP of Delivery (2022 - 2023)

Following the consulting engagement above, ProDyn were retained to lead the implementation of the delivery model and prepare the organisation for onboarding of key clients. People, processes and tools were transitioned into 'Live Services' and the principle streaming client onboarded successfully.

Additional hiring against the proposed resource model continued and the services were handed over to the delivery organisation prior to exit.

  • People selection, hiring, onboarding & integration

  • Process implementation and 'dry run' testing

  • Delivery tools (and partners) selection, design, implementation and integration

Business Consultant (2023)

ProDyn were retained to engage in a full scope review of two independant startup businesses within a group portfolio. Each of the businesses had very specific challenges and were in different stages of their growth and route to revenue generation.

  • Business #1 is a Fintech organisation that had regulatory, skills and delivery challenges

  • Business #2 is a Cyber Security product company that had skills, scalability and maturity challenges

Reports were developed for the client with detailed observations, specific recommendations and a risk review against a target revenue generation timeline.

Fractional COO (2023 - 2024)

Following completion of the reviews above, ProDyn were retained on a fractional basis to provide COO services and implement the recommendations identified in the report for business #2.

A detailed delivery plan was developed for and in collaboration with the business leaders and changes were implemented that introduced a governance plan, key business metrics and the basics for onboarding of the first major client.

  • Production of a strategic plan covering all business functions

  • Design & implementation of a governance model

  • Introduction of key business metrics

  • Implementation of a risk management process

  • Design of key service processes to support client onboarding

Business Consultant (2024)

ProDyn are currently retained and working on multiple projects for a key client based on international growth and expansion in Europe and Asia markets.

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